Fiction Coffee is expanding faster than you get an energy rush from a double shot of espresso.

The East Dallas coffee shop will open a location at a mixed-use center called the Bogart at 4621 Ross Ave. Fort Worth developer M2G Ventures renovated the former Dallas Can Academy site in 2019 and transformed it into a three-story, 50,000-square-foot mixed-use office destination.

The announcement comes just a week after Fiction Coffee Director Spencer Fox announced that the shop would open at the Continental Gin building in Deep Ellum. The first Fiction Coffee debuted in 2017 on Hall Street.

At the Bogart, Fiction Coffee will be open seven days a week and serve its full menu of coffee, wine, beer and assorted pastries.

“Over 20,000 vehicles pass by Bogart daily, and the Old East Dallas population is expected to grow by 2.9 percent in the next five years,” said Nick Clark, founder and CEO of Common Desk. “Bogart is a coveted location that also aligns perfectly with our shop’s aesthetic, which beckons people to come in and stay a while.”

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