Pizza place in Lakewood

There’s a new pizza joint opening in Lakewood in the Skillman-Live Oak Shopping Center. Actually, it’s an old pizza joint; it’s just new to Lakewood.

It’s called My Family’s Pizza. It was Pizza by Marco, established in 1956, until owner Frank Nuccio was recently forced to change the name due to some trademark issues with another pizzeria in Ohio.

Now, three business partners are joining forces to bring this family-oriented business to Lakewood. They’re setting up shop on Skillman next to The Pour House, which is key because two of said business partners are the co-owners of The Pour House, Matthew Rangel and Troy Swinsen. The other partner is a Dallas businessman from Lake Highlands, Whitney Ravkind.

The original location for My Family’s Pizza is at Royal and Preston, and the three gentlemen are licensing the name and recipes from Nuccio for the new Lakewood location. The sign is up, and construction on the store is almost completely ready; the partners are just taking a little extra time to make sure the recipes are perfected and the staff is hired and well trained before they open the doors. They are looking for extra hands, for anyone seeking employment.

Rangel, Swinsen and Ravkind are thrilled about the opening. Not just because it’s their baby and they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears into the joint, but also because they’re all big — and I mean BIG — fans of Marco’s pizza.

“It’s been my favorite pizza for nine or ten years,” Rangel says. “I just love it.”

“My dad’s been eating there since it opened in 1956,” Ravkind threw in.

“So when we’re bragging about this pizza, we’re bragging about their pizza that we’re bringing to Lakewood,” Rangel explains. “This is the best pizza I’ve ever had, and I’m not saying that because it’s mine. I’m just lucky enough to get to bring it to you.”

“It’s hands down the best pizza in town,” Ravkind concluded.

Ravkind learned about the possibility of licensing a store while waiting in line for a pizza, and then he brought the idea to the other two. When the spot next door to The Pour House became available, everything fell into place. Once My Family’s Pizza opens, Rangel and Swinsen plan to also serve pizza from The Pour House.

Aside from working in Lakewood, Rangel grew up here. “I’m a Woodrow guy, born and raised in Lakewood,” Rangel says. “So I’m just excited to be able to bring this to the people here. It’s a family place, and we want to bring family into Lakewood.

“If everything turns out, let’s hope people will be interviewing us in 10 years about how Woodrow changed the name of their gym to My Family’s Gym, and we built a stadium for them. Lakewood Elementary gets a new wing for a science center,” Rangel joked. “That’s what we’re all about.”

They hope to open within the month. The joint is mostly a take-out/delivery location, but there will be limited seating available inside. If you want to sit down to enjoy a pizza and a beer, your best bet is to order a box from next door at The Pour House.

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