East Dallas artist Erykah Badu was temporarily angry when she walked onto the stage at the Bomb Factory on Saturday for her annual birthday show.

But as the saying goes: It’s her party, so she can get mad if she wants to.

Badu yelled, “I want some f—ing music in the monitors!” and “Get your s—t together!”

The outburst may have stemmed from an earlier incident when a microphone wasn’t on when her daughter, Puma Curry-Wright, made her musical debut, the Dallas Morning News reported. Curry-Wright tried to sing “All the Joy” by Moonchild as a birthday present for her mom.

But as author Jeremy Hallock wrote in his review for the Morning News: “Dallas’ queen exorcised her demons during the first half of the set. During part two, she radiated pure joy and love,”

The six-hour show for Badu’s 49th birthday Wednesday included singing and dancing and ended just before 2 a.m. with a cake that looked like a disco ball. The crowd sent her off by singing “Happy Birthday.”

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