Illustrations by Jynnette Neal

Game on, people!

It’s sorta like The Amazing Race, neighborhood version. Double-dog dare neighbors to catch you if they can, and compete in our hiding-in-plain-sight scavenger hunt.

The challenge will lead all participants to the best attractions, restaurants and outdoor activities that simply must get checked off your bucket list. The hunt includes 18 items, each worth a certain number of points. The goal is not to complete the most activities, but to rack up the most points.

Individuals or teams should take a photo at each checkpoint to document progress and send it to no later than June 30. Receive bonus points for posting your photos on social media with the hashtag #EastDallasDash. The winner will receive a prize. So take your mark, and let the fastest funsters win.

Ready, set, go!

Arts, culture, entertainment

  • Roll a strike at Bowlski’s. This isn’t your average summer activity. The bowling alley in the historic Lakewood Theater also has a golf simulator, gaming suites and a restaurant offering “slideskis” and “rollskis.” (15)
  • Snap a photo at a mural in Deep Ellum. Grab a camera and your bestie and find the art piece of Dallas’ most iconic spots at the Texas Brand Bank on Main Street. (5)
  • See an art exhibit at the Bath House Cultural Center. Walk through the display celebrating 100 years of WRR, Dallas’ municipally owned radio station. (10)
  • Listen to live music at the Granada Theater. The return of live music to the East Dallas venue includes country shows, rock concerts and tribute bands. Jam indoors or at Sundown at Granada’s outdoor patio stage. (20)
  • Watch Shakespeare in the park. For the first time in more than a year, Shakespeare Dallas is performing live theater at Samuell-Grand amphitheater. June’s production of The Hamlet Project will feature oneperson interpretations of the playwright’s famous tragedy. (15)


  • Find a pothole and report it to 311. Porky works hard to make our streets smooth for motorists, but he’s just one pig. Help a hog out by grabbing your favorite stuffed animal and sniffing out your own pesky pothole. Report it to the City at (10)
  • Pick up a piece of trash at White Rock Lake. Keep the jewel of East Dallas looking pristine. Be on the lookout for litter when you’re biking or jogging. If you’re feeling extra, volunteer at For the Love of the Lake’s monthly shoreline spruce-up. (10)
  • Recreate Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World pose in front of Gary Isett’s lawn decorations. In the film, Pratt is shown asserting himself as alpha among a pack of velociraptors. From the sidewalk, give us your best impression fending off a fearsome King Kong and a docile-looking long neck. Find them on the corner of Abrams and Trammel. (5)
  • Take a dip in the FOE pool. Since it was built in the 1970s, the pool has become a popular hangout for hipsters, families and older adults. Grab a drink, swim or play some ball on the sand volleyball courts. (10)
  • Spot a turtle in a habitat on Velasco Street. Neighbor Carol Bell-Walton cares for about 20 of the reptiles in two manicured habitats in her front yard. Anyone is welcome to marvel at the ornate shells. Just don’t touch. The animals can carry salmonella. (5)
  • Paddle board on White Rock Lake. Say ’sup to boaters and kayakers from your stand-up paddle board. It’s a great way to exercise and see the lake from a new vantage point. (20)

Food and drink

  • Feel the burn at a hot chicken restaurant. Nashville hot chicken was the hottest food trend in 2020, and several eateries hatched in our neighborhood. If you dare, order the Napalm at Palmer’s Hot Chicken, the Best of Luck at Lucky’s Hot Chicken or the Fire at Chirps Chicken. (10)
  • Try at least three different wines in a flight from Times Ten Cellars. Expand your palette with 2-ounce tastings of the best reds, whites and rosés from Texas and California vineyards. (15)
  • Have a good laugh at the Truck Yard sign. Stop in and buy a drink. The Truck Yard is known for its hilarious street signs that are so good, you’ll come back just to read them. But the food and drinks are good too. Try the Trash Can Punch or the Mojito Mo’ Problems. (5)


  • Find the earliest marked burial in Cox Cemetery. The gravestone is for Margaret Francis Dixon, who died in 1848 after living only two months. Some people may think it’s weird to hang out in a cemetery. For others, cemeteries can be a peaceful escape full of fascinating history. (10)
  • Look for contract company logos stamped into the Vickery Place sidewalks. When the neighborhood was developed more than 100 years ago, contract companies stamped their logos into the concrete. Many original sidewalks have been replaced because of soil expansion, tree roots or wear and tear, but some still remain. If you’re out for a walk, look for the signs of yesteryear beneath your feet. (15)
  • Find a Texas historical marker. There are more than 20 in our neighborhood. Start at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Woodrow Wilson High School or the Harris-Savage home. See how many others you can find at (5)
  • Test your knowledge of neighborhood history. The Advocate has quizzes in architecture, sports and more. Search “quiz” at to see how well you know the neighborhood. (5)