A camel outside of Room 3606. Photography courtesy of Logan Roy on Nextdoor.

Neighbors spotted a camel outside Room 3606 on Saturday night, causing a stir on Nextdoor and Facebook.

The animal spent the night out as a part of the bar’s Egyptian-themed party.

Photography courtesy of Bar 3606 on Facebook.

This is not the first time chatter about the Greenville Avenue spot has made it across the neighborhood.

Room 3606 is described by neighbors as a breeding ground for fights, shootouts and drug use. Are we really surprised the business added a camel to the list of unusual things about the joint?

Earlier this year, the City of Dallas requested a compliance date from the Board of Adjustment. The bar was established lawfully, but does not currently operate under up-to-date code regulations. The board denied the request from the city, so Room 3606 continues under its current operations.

After this early hump day incident, many neighbors might be thinking… what could happen next?