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The Tour Divide is touted as “The Holy Grail” of bike races.

It starts in the snow in Banff, Alberta Canada and winds its way 2,745 miles through the United States and ends in the deserts of Mexico.

Right now two Dallasites are getting ready to get on a plane to fly to Canada to begin the weeks-long, totally self-supported race this Friday. East Dallas neighbor Josh Daugherty is one of them.

The riders, Daugherty and Phillip Bird, are braving the race for two worthy causes: to raise money and awareness for Big Pig Cancer Foundation and Pedal Against PTSD, and they’ve already raised thousands of dollars for both.

They hope to finish the race somewhere within 20-25 days. Those days will involve 16+ hours of cycling, eating whatever convenient store food they can scrounge up and sleeping in tents.

You can learn more about the trip on their website and about the riders in their Q&A. Then follow along with this online tracking system. If you’re curious to know how the team prepared, check out their blog.

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