He’s the person who calls when he can’t figure out how to make his phone stop doing that thing, and he’s the person you call when your car is making that weird noise. 

He’s the person who taught you how to ride a bike, throw a ball, cast a line.

He’s always there to lend a hand or a hammer, to offer a word of wisdom, to cheer you on or cheer you up. 

Whether he’s a parent, grandparent, husband, mentor or friend who became family doesn’t matter. It just matters that he’s there. 

To all the dads and dad-like figures out there, thank you for what you do. And happy Father’s Day. 


The formal celebration of Father’s Day in the United States dates to 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, generated enough support among churches, business people and government officials to establish a Mother’s-Day equivalent for male parents.


Jack Locklear stands in front of his car decorated for the Lakewood 4th of July parade

Photo courtesy of Linda Locklear Middleton.

Jack Locklear and the Lakewood dads
Nominated by Jack’s daughter, Linda Locklear Middleton 

My parents moved to Lakewood Boulevard in the 1960s.

At that time there were, as there are now, so many individual stories of hard-working dads stepping up daily for the advancement of their families. 

I was so fortunate to witness a whole community of men come together in the Lakewood area to build a foundation for this neighborhood’s future education and recreation. Many of them served together on the board of Lakehill School like my dad, Jack Locklear, Dr. Stanley Taylor, Jim Young, Dr. Cox and many others (my memory must research to refresh).

Other dads supported teams and businesses by volunteering labor, time, and money to maintain the unique integrity of Lakewood’s beauty, safety and “home sweet home” spirit. 

I wonder if they had the original vision of the value of Lakewood or if they considered how their collective action 50+ years ago would become one of the best-valued places on the planet to raise a healthy, happy family in 2022.

Many thanks to all Lakewood residents who continue to build bright futures and take Lakewood love wherever they go.


TheThe first statewide Father’s Day was held June 19, but it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1972, with a proclamation signed by then-President Richard Nixon.

Adam Schaub

Adam Schaub and his daughters get inspiration at Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio in London.

Adam Schaub 
Nominated by his wife, Robyn Schaub 

Adam is father to two teenage girls (both attend Woodrow, one graduated in May) and three dogs. Everyone on our street (Bryan Parkway) knows him because he walks the dogs at least twice and sometimes three or four times a day. But that’s not what makes him unique.

For the past three years at Halloween, Adam has almost single-handedly constructed a life-size Diagon Alley (inspired by the Harry Potter books/movies) in our backyard. He works for months building all the “shops” and going to yard sales and thrift stores to find the props to bring it all to life. On Halloween, it’s open to the public for one magical night. No charge, even though several have offered to pay. He says he is giving back to the neighborhood that has given so much joy to our family. 

The exhibit grows every year with new shops and technology added. This year’s addition was a flying owl that hovered back and forth across the whole backyard, making its way to the Owl Post. Some of our friends and neighbors have also joined the fun, helping with setup or dressing in costume to greet kids and adults who come through. You can check out his creation on Instagram at @diagonalleydtx 

In addition to his Harry Potter obsession, he’s also a standup comedian and has performed at Stomping Ground and Dallas Improv. It’s a major source of teasing from his daughters who are convinced they’re funnier than he is.

Oh, and this year, he signed up to help with the Woodrow musical, building sets. It wasn’t until after his first work day that he realized that neither of his children were even in the musical. Yet he still showed up every weekend, sometimes as early as 8am on a Saturday, to build those sets.

He’s a great dad and loved by all who know him. 

Schaub’s backyard owl post, complete with flying Hedwig. Photography courtesy of Robyn Schaub.