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Lakehill junior Mitchell Crow was at Target last weekend, stocking up on supplies ahead of Sunday’s winter storm that brought snow, ice and widespread power outages across North Texas. He saw some homeless people near the store and posted on Snapchat: “If anyone can help, leave blankets and jackets on your front porch.”

Neighbors left so many donations, he drove around until 1:30 a.m. picking up the items from about 30 front porches.

“I was told I had to be home by 12, but people kept swiping up, telling me they had donations,” Crow said. 

He also collected about $700 from neighbors who sent him money on Venmo. The next day, he went to Walmart and Sam’s Club and purchased additional warm weather supplies.

In all, he had 120 jackets, 50 blankets and comforters, 72 new pairs of underwear, 150 new pairs of socks, 25 pairs of shoes and 100 new long-sleeve shirts.

He took the donations to the Austin Street Shelter. Staff gave the items to people who were turned away because the shelter was full.