A 14-year-old student raised the American flag on a new flagpole that he built at Juliette Fowler Communities as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Roman Fox was struggling to find a location that would work with him on his Eagle Scout project because of COVID-19 restrictions. As a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, he was familiar with Juliette Fowler and toured the facility, where he learned of the need for a flagpole at the front entrance.

“I think that the flagpole is a great project because 2020 was a tough year for everyone,” Fox said. “This project will be beneficial to both the organization and its residents as it will enhance the main entrance, exhibit their love and pride of our country, support our veterans and draw attention to their community.”

Fox raised more than $2,600 from 40 donors. The project involved about 30 workers, including fellow Boy Scouts, leaders and adults working 277 hours from October to March. Volunteers dug the hole, poured cement, worked with an electrician for lighting and installed the 25-foot, 200-pound flagpole. They also built a surrounding flagstone patio with stone edging, bushes and floodlights.

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Juliette Fowler residents enjoyed watching the group’s progress, and veterans were elated. Col. Jim Bell provided Fox with a donation.

“That flag raising meant a lot to me,” Col. Bell said. “I’ve seen many flags raised over the years, and each one continues to remind me why I fought for this country. I was in the Army for over 20 years and appreciate members of the community that pay tribute to our service.”

Fox completed the project in March with the first official flag raising.

“I have grown up building things and have a creative mind,” Fox said. “I really enjoyed sketching out the project and determining and organizing all of the things that would be needed to complete it. It is so rewarding knowing what we did as a team and how much work it took to do it. We built a symbol of our freedom and a structure that will bring joy to people for a very long time.”