DoubleDave’s to open a location in Bowlski’s. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Months ago, the owner of Bowlski’s approached DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks with the idea to open a location inside the old Lakewood Theater

Craig Spivey, the owner, traveled to Austin to the pizza company’s headquarters and started putting the deal together. 

He and his wife were drawn to DoubleDave’s because it was a big part of their college experience. Spivey adds that he thinks other neighbors have a similar story to tell.

“In Lakewood, we have so many people in our community that graduated from Texas A&M and UT and SMU and grew up with it being part of their life as well,” Spivey says.

The restaurant is expected to open by April.

Renovations will happen in the kitchen and Arcade Bar spaces to allow for the restaurant, though the Arcade Bar will remain. Spivey says customers won’t really notice the construction while it’s ongoing.

When complete, it will be a “full-on” DoubleDave’s, Spivey says. A window will be installed to allow for neighbors to walk up and order food, and delivery will be available. They’ll hire drivers for that and additional personnel to staff the restaurant.

People can eat anywhere inside or outside Bowlski’s, including by the bowling lanes or on the patio.

Right now, Bowlski’s opens at 4 p.m. daily. When DoubleDave’s is ready, it will be open for lunch. And bowling will be open earlier, too.

“We’re really super excited,” Spivey says. “I think it’s a really good fit for the neighborhood.”