Dallas ISD announced it will offer up to $3,500 for any teachers who return next year.

The retention incentive will be included in employees’ paychecks in three installments, with the first $500 coming in September, the start of the school year.

“In a competitive market, this retention incentive will not only help us keep the outstanding staff who have been working tirelessly for our students this year but will also give us an advantage in recruiting staff to fill existing vacancies in our campuses and departments,” Robert Abel, the acting chief of human capital management, told The Hub.

Employees who are part of an excellence initiative will receive an incentive based on their upcoming earned 2022-23 effectiveness level or 2021-22 CSEI evaluation rating.

Those who are promoted for the 2022-23 school year and have no CSEI evaluation rating in the new position will receive an incentive connected to their previous effectiveness level or CSEI evaluation rating.