Gloria Prieto-Puentes. Photo courtesy of Dallas ISD.

A teacher at Lakewood Elementary School was highlighted in a Dallas ISD article for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Gloria Prieto-Puentes is a second-grade dual-language teacher at the school. She grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and she and her family spoke Castilian Spanish and Catalan.

“The fact that we spoke two languages at home, with such different cultures even inside of Spain, opened my mind when we visited family in the Castilia and Catalonia regions,” she told DISD’s The Hub. “We read books in both languages, ate different types of food, learned different aspects of the culture.”

Students in her class have Brazilian, Chinese, Ecuadorean and Salvardorean heritage, to name a few. Prieto-Puentes said she understands how students who have a different culture and speak a different language feel when they first come to Dallas.

DISD is sharing stories of its community members to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is Sept. 15-Oct. 15.

“We all speak Spanish, but the culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken is so diverse that we invite non-Hispanic people to visit, read, taste and have a glimpse of what we have to offer: literature, history, food, celebrations … you will enjoy so much,” Prieto-Puentes said.