Here’s an interesting twist: It now appears that the DISD board members whose terms were (apparently) illegally extended by the board late last year now could be legally reappointed to those positions, according to a DMN story summarizing the board’s meeting Tuesday.

Attorneys hired by DISD (hopefully different attorneys than the ones who advised the district about the election process last time) said the board could either appoint three individuals to fill the seats of Edwin Flores, Leigh Ann Ellis and Ron Price — and those trustees could be appointed to the seats, too — or the district would have to conduct a special election in November. The attorneys told the board that although the three board members couldn’t vote to extend their own terms, they could vote to extend the terms of the other trustees.

In the meantime, following the citywide election Saturday — which was the date DISD’s trustees originally were scheduled to be on the ballot — the three affected board members will become "holdovers" since their terms will be deemed ended as of May 9, the DMN story says.

No action was taken Tuesday; the board is required to post agenda action items prior to voting on them. It’s not clear when the board will make a decision, but given the soon-to-be expired status of one-third of the board, I imagine action will be taken soon.

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