Hi there. This week’s Dallas Frugal Foodie tip comes in the form of home cooking.
Starring : Basil!

You know how this herb is generally used as a garnish with just a few leaves added to a pasta dish or strewn sparingly on top of pizza? Perhaps this is because the usual options to purchase at groceries come in the form of a live plant with just a few stalks or a little plastic package with some cut leaves shoved inside : Pricey.

Say goodbye to basil scrimping.

Get on down to Jimmy’s, at Fitzhugh & Bryan, where fresh basil is sourced from Tom Spicer a few doors down.
Go inside.



Locate the fresh basil in the refrigerated section right up front.

Basil by the pound at Jimmy's Food Store

Basil by the pound at Jimmy’s Food Store


"Take What You Need" fresh basil. Reach on in...

“Take What You Need” fresh basil. Reach on in…

That’s right, just reach in and grab the amount you need.

This is how much $1 will get you :

$1 worth of fresh basil from Jimmy's Food Store

$1 worth of fresh basil from Jimmy’s Food Store (tomatoes extra)

Not only is it incredibly affordable, it’s fresh-from-the-garden soft, fragrant glory.
You may wish to apply this same “buy fresh from bulk supply” rule to other greens you buy.
Side by side pre-packaged greens with fresh greens; the texture, flavor and scent difference is apparent.

And yes, basil counts as a healthy, leafy green.
At this price, you can PILE IT IN.
It’s great for you!
DFF folds handfuls of the leaves into pasta dishes. Sometimes with spinach, arugula or another green, as well.
Add when pasta is still hot in warm pot and the leaves will wilt right in.
Delicious, fresh and nutritious.

P.S. While you’re at Jimmy’s you can pick up a tub of peeled garlic for another $1. Garlic is a super food. Don’t be shy. Cloves and cloves do a body good.

Fresh ingredients from Jimmy's. The tub of peeled garlic cloves costs $1.

Fresh ingredients from Jimmy’s. That tub of many peeled garlic cloves costs $1.

Jimmy’s Food Store
4901 Bryan Street at Fitzhugh
Dallas TX, 75206
OPEN Mon-Sat 9 AM to 7:30 PM, closed on Sundays

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