You’re going to hear that one of the reasons the Cotton Bowl is leaving Fair Park for the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington is, as Dallas’ Only Newspaper said today, "the fickle north Texas climate in January." So, being the crank that I am, I checked the weather for the past 10 years. On Jan. 1, the high was less than 53 just twice, warmer than 70 four times, and rained just twice (a trace each time). In other words, perfect Sun Belt football weather.

The Cotton Bowl left Fair Park because of money, and for no other reason. Dallas city and county leaders didn’t want to give an immensely wealthy man taxpayer cash. We can argue forever whether this is a good thing (I happen to think it is), but it’s a fact of life. Very few people around here make business decisions based on altruism or what’s good for the community, and I don’t know why we should expect Jerry Jones to do it if we don’t. Men like Jones make decisions to put money in their pockets. They could care less about the weather or tradition.

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