The Dallas City Council election is May 6, and early voting began yesterday. But most Dallas residents don’t care. Less than 10 percent of registered voters — more like 6.14 percent — typically turn out to vote in our local elections. The bright side: well, just think of how much your vote counts.

Maybe it’s apathy; maybe it’s a feeling that the status quo (or some seemingly inconsequential change, whatever) is a-ok. Or perhaps some are simply confused: What district do I live in? Who is running? Where and what time can I go vote? Oh, forget it … (I do realize that if you actually are reading this, you might be well aware of the answers, but I guarantee you have neighbors who do not.)

Here’s Holt Mitchell, who actually gives a darn

Lake Highlands resident Holt Mitchell is one of the people who cares about city politics, and deeply. Did I mention that those who care usually care quite passionately?

Even though his district 10 has no election drama this time around (incumbent Adam McGough is running unopposed), he was annoyed: “I couldn’t find a site with information on City Council Districts, who the candidates are, and early voting locations with voting hours together in one place. So I ended up building a map with all of the information in one space.”

Here it is:

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