Construction in front of Dallas Beer Kitchen (photo from Facebook)

After serving craft beer on Lowest Greenville since 2013, Dallas Beer Kitchen is calling it quits, and they’re blaming construction.

Last week Dallas Beer Kitchen announced via Facebook that its last day would be Sunday, Jan. 24.

“It’s certainly with a heavy heart that we announce this,” they wrote. After reminiscing on their short history and thanking their supporters, they added: “One last thing – f*ck the City of Dallas for planning an 11 month construction project costing $3.2 million on the entire street without allocating money for Construction Mitigation like other cities have done in the past.”

Apparently the post stirred up a little extra support because a couple days ago they also shared the above photo on Facebook and called the construction “the crime scene the City has placed in front of us,” and thanked people for the extra support, but it still wasn’t enough. Owner Bryan Kaeser told Channel 8 on Jan. 24 that they’re closing.

The construction he’s referring to is the same construction we wrote about in December. At the time District 14 councilman Philip Kingston said he was working to minimize the impact of the construction as much as possible.

“Staff responded to that pretty well, and people seem to be pretty happy with what they’re hearing about the schedule, so hopefully this turns out in a way that doesn’t hurt businesses,” he told us in December. “We really tried to put some planning around this to make sure it’s done in the most compatible way possible.”

Yesterday Kingston posted on his Facebook page that the city has “worked really hard to minimize the impact of the construction on existing businesses” in reference to the closing.

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