Photo by Danny Fulgencio

East Dallas neighbor Woodrow Adams woke up last weekend when his dog jumped on the bed, licking his face. He walked the pup around the corner to the trail, which was already humming with cyclists getting in their morning ride.

After the walk, he rode his bike to Houndstooth, where he sipped a latte and enjoyed some breakfast tacos from Taco Deli on the patio across from a strip of bars, quiet after a long night of entertaining.

He rode his bike home, and loaded up his dog to head to the lake, where he rented a stand up paddle board, then cruised on the water with his dog chilling at his feet. It was getting hot, so he met some friends at this pool deep in the woods where cheap beers flow, hamburgers sizzle and tattooed parents bring their kids to swim.

He and his friends grabbed a late lunch at Torchy’s Tacos, loading up on queso and monster tacos full of unique ingredients.

Later that afternoon, he took the dog for a hike in one of the largest urban forests in the country, taking in the natural sights and sounds along the river. Afterwards, he escaped the heat of happy hour at Chuy’s and put down a margarita or two.

His girlfriend picked him up (so progressive – they met at yoga in the park), and they caught a flick at Alamo Drafthouse. That night it was a laugh-along showing of “Bridesmaid” with champagne. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig made them laugh.

They ended the night at a former empty lot that is now full of food trucks, live music and even a tree house bar.

Who says Austin has all the fun?

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