I have waited patiently for years — decades even — for this moment. No, not getting a bone thrown our way by the intrepid journalists at plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine. But to use a quote from one of this country’s great humorists, Groucho Marx. Hit it, Groucho:

I sent the club a wire stating, ‘Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.’

We were given the great good honor in the current issue of D by being included among the movers and shakers who molded opinion during the Trinity vote. Wamre was listed, along with Jim Schutze at the Observer, Bill Zeeble at KERA and a platoon of scribes from Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, including Rod Dreher. (You know it’s a great good honor when you’re included with Rod Dreher.)

Wamre was speechless at the mention, primarily because he didn’t understand the point of the story. He’s modest that way. I, of course, have no such compunctions. We don’t need D to tell us we’re important to the people we serve. We see that every day when readers email, call us, and post comments on our blogs. We wouldn’t have lasted almost 17 years otherwise.

There is an irony here, too, which is quite delicious. We get regular criticism from the intrepid journalists, as well as big-timers like Dreher, about what a nice little magazine we are. Yet we’re important enough to show up in this story? Wow. Let me get the stars out of my eyes.

So thanks, but no thanks. Keep your moving and shaking for your Park Cities and Collin County pals. We’ll keep writing about grade school PTA meetings and neighborhood home tours. And I’ll go re-read Schutze’s take on the article, which was spot on. Bow tie and pop-bottle glasses, indeed.

First, though,I have some nice little magazine stuff to do.

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