We had a tie — David Kindle and Geena Hawryluk each picked four of the five races correctly, and each missed the tie-breaker. They’ll both get $50 gift certificates to The Grape. The winner of the consolation prize for least accurate entry was volunteer blogger Norm Alston, who picked two races correctly and missed the tiebreaker. He gets a $20 gift certificate.

This turned out to be one of the most popular contests we’ve ever had. Maybe it was the prize. I was curious, of course, to see if people could tell if my political analysis here was politically motivated, and I’m happy to say that they couldn’t. In fact, several people made that point on their entries.

A note about the answers, which come after the jump. The presidential race was a trick question, since I wrote in Al Gore. Anyone who said I voted for a third-party candidate would have gotten credit for a correct answer. I do think it’s interesting that every entry said I voted for Barack Obama. The other race that made me smile was the tie-breaker, in which two-thirds of the entrants said I voted for Ed Oakley. Short memories, apparently, since I took tremendous grief during the mayor’s race for my criticism about Oakley. I was described as bitter, which was one of the kindest cuts.
• President: Al Gore (any third party candidate would have been OK)

• U.S. House: Eric Roberson

• Dallas county sheriff: Lowell Cannaday

• State house: Allen Vaught

• State senate: John Carona

• Tiebreaker — 2007 Dallas mayor’s race: Tom Leppert

For the record, that was two Democrats, two Republicans, and a third-party vote.

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