This enormous Dallas Arboretum parking lot is under construction on Garland Road, but it won’t be enough to satisfy future demand, according to projections from a consulting firm.

By next year, the arboretum will require more than 2,000 parking spaces on peak weekends, according to a study by Deshazo Group Inc., reported in the Dallas Morning News.

When the $56-million Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden opens next year, parking will be in even greater demand. The arboretum is spending $13.3 million of its children’s garden budget on parking development.

The city last week requested proposals for a financial feasibility study to include a forecast of parking revenues and the possibility of paying for a multilevel parking garage on Garland Road. A planned garage on the new parking lot, pictured above, would park 700 cars. When it opens, the new lot will hold 275 cars, and a new traffic light there will allow for safe crossing.

The arboretum currently has 670 parking spaces on site, and there are 1,270 shuttle parking spaces. The arboretum also is adding another on-site lot that will add 375 spaces. With the new parking lots, and all the existing parking on-site and via shuttle, there will be 1,920 spaces by 2013.

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