From the Cane Rosso Facebook page

From the Cane Rosso Facebook page

Facebook revealed some news yesterday that was so inevitable it almost isn’t news.

If you’ve followed the success of Cane Rosso White Rock, which opened after much anticipation in April of 2013 in Lakeview Shopping Center, then you probably aren’t surprised to learn the fountain that once graced Cane Rosso’s patio has official bit the dust — hard.

Advocate writer Keri Mitchell wrote about the impending doom of the fountain just months after the location opened, after Cane Rosso White Rock posted on its Facebook page a photo of a sign that pleaded: “Hello parents, please do not let your kids throw rocks or gravel in the fountain. The fountain doesn’t like it! Thank you.”

The photo (which you can view here) apparently started a comment feud and was later taken down.

Cane-Rosso-fire-pit-240x240The patio design was inspired by the courtyard at Austin’s Hotel San Jose, Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier told Mitchell at the time. Jerrier loved its decomposed granite, but later he discovered that may have been the biggest mistake on Cane Rosso White Rock’s patio because its texture tempted children to treat the granite as a sort of sandbox.

Mitchell also pointed out that Jerrier didn’t expect that kids would be “basically crawling in the fountain” or that its fire pit would inspire any of them to “break branches off the trees and stick them in the fire.” Jerrier told her that he simply loved the aesthetic “and then all of a sudden I see kids running around and think, ‘Holy cow! There’s a lot of sharp edges and things for kids to trip on.’”

Well, the fountain has finally seen the end of a courageous battle. Or maybe it’s merely embarking on a new chapter in its rocky (and now dirt-filled) life.

Cane Rosso posted a photo on its Facebook page yesterday, revealing that the fountain has been filled with dirt and plants. The photo was followed with an explainer comment that said: “The fountain could only digest so many swim diapers…”

And that was all it needed to say.

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