Search youtube for “Hot Pockets,” and of course, the first hit is this 5-minute bit from Jim Gaffagin. It is the thing for which he is most famous. He could win a Nobel Prize, and if I saw him in the street, I would still be like, “Hey, it’s the Hot Pockets guy.”

But if the word “Hot Pockets” pops into your head, the voice you imagine likely is that of neighborhood resident Camille Cortinas. She sings the Hot Pockets jingle that Gaffagin clowns in the bit. Turn up the speakers and hear it here.

Cortinas and her husband, Eric Neal, are the subjects of our Q&A in the January Advocate. Cortinas keeps the lights on lending her voice to commercial clients including the Texas Lottery, Dixie Cups and Methodist Health Systems.

But anyone who knows Cortinas or has seen her perform knows she is not just the Hot Pockets lady. Last year, she released a full-length solo album, “Taken Apart.” And she and Neal also perform in their Band of Puppets, whose aim is “making entertaining music videos for kids that parents can also enjoy.”

Here they are performing “Coffee,” one of the songs from “Taken Apart”:

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