Stanley Marcus' former home on Nonesuch Road, built around 1938.

Stanley Marcus’ former home on Nonesuch Road, built around 1938.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, and I bet my wife would be surprised if I tossed her the keys to the former Stanley Marcus home on Nonesuch Road in Lakewood. But as my mother-in-law once told me when passing up a real estate opportunity: I’ll leave that joy for someone else.

If you remember back a few years, the home was slated to be torn down by owner Mark Lovvorn; all he needed was city approval for the demolition. Instead, preservationists rose up, Lovvorn backed down, and the home received historic designation in 2010.

Now, after a bunch of renovations, Lovvorn is putting the home on the market. Robert Wilonsky with the DMN has a lengthy piece about the home’s history; Wilonsky wrote about the demolition controversy extensively in 2008. Included in his report are some documents from Marcus, including a lengthy discussion about the house, as well as “get lost” notes to/from one-time project architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who started the project but fell out of favor with Marcus.

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