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There’s a new kid on the Lowest Greenville block and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen there before — or anywhere in Dallas, for that matter.

Bullzerk is a t-shirt shop, and if you stop by to peruse its shelves, you’ll find a couple dozen t-shirts with quippy sayings like “I lived on Greenville before it was cool” and “I can’t afford to date Dallas women.”

Bullzerk 3All the sayings and designs are the creative brain babies of the shop’s owner, Dan Bradley, who’s an entrepreneur turned graphic designer turned t-shirt maker. Bullzerk is a new concept, and Bradley chose Dallas (even though he’s from the Midwest) as his starting ground because he “can’t believe no one is doing this in Dallas.”

“Our designs change to our audience,” he explains. “When people ask what we are, I say we let our audience tell us what we are. In essence, we’re a gift shop for locals.”

The idea is to create relatable t-shirts for everyone in Dallas, so that anyone can walk into the shop and find something that tickles his or her funny bone. The featured t-shirts will rotate to display fresh ideas and even stay on top of current events. (If only Bullzerk had been open during the Ebola outbreak.)

Aside from t-shirts, Bullzerk sells posters that each feature a different Dallas neighborhood, as well as smaller knickknacks like koozies, stickers and journals.

Bullzerk 4After months of searching for the perfect location, Bradley picked Lowest Greenville for a simple reason: It’s the only place in Dallas where people walk around in t-shirts.

Bullzerk opened between Old Crow and Bohemian Cafe last week. It has seen hundreds of people walk through the door, and they’re already starting to understand the vibe, Bradley says.

“There isn’t a person who comes in here who doesn’t take out their iPhone and start snapping pictures and hashtagging it,” he says.

All t-shirts are $23. Check out the Facebook page or call 971.677.7705 for more information. The website is still under construction, but it will be up and running in a few days, and t-shirts will be available for purchase online.

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