Black Forest

In October, we heard Black Forest Biergarten was opening on Henderson, wedged between Slip Inn and what used to be The Pearl Cup before it closed.

Construction is now well underway, as it should be if they actually plan to open in February, as the website says. Looks like they’ve got a little ways to go, but there are still a couple weeks left in February.

A glance at the menu reveals a list of pretty delicious-sounding options (or maybe I’m just hungry). Albeit, some of them are a tad hard to say. Like “Schokoladenkuchen”? Say that ten times fast.

And if you think the food menu has some tongue twisters, check out the “bier” menu. I have a feeling there will be a lot of pointing going on — “Can I have the, um, franz…. that one.”

But out of a place called Black Forest Biergarten, what could we expect?

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