Photography courtesy of Rachel Rose.

With both sons going off to college, Rachel Rose wanted a dog that would cuddle with her when she was alone. She loved the companionship of the Cavalier King Charles and the playfulness of the beagle. She found a hybrid — called the beaglier — online and adopted 8-month-old Stella from a breeder in Alabama. “It’s a fun and relatively new breed,” Rose says. “When I’m walking her, people stop and ask what kind of dog she is. I don’t think there are very many in Texas.” Stella, named after the character from A Streetcar Named Desire, likes to play fetch and, despite Rose’s best efforts, dig in the yard. “We did some yard work, and we’re teaching her bad habits,” Rose says. “We were pulling weeds, and she’s like, ‘I like to pull out weeds.’ She thought they were set out for her because they’re dried like sticks.”