It’s the first day of school and even if you don’t have kids in school you know this and it is affecting your life (if you’re not sure how, the folks at NBC 5 will tell you). My children started school last week so we were undergoing no more than the usual frenzy this morning but the broadcasters on the NBC 5 newscast were making me a little nervous. They repeatedly reported that it was the First Day of School; they talked about what the weather would be like during the First Week of School; what the traffic would be like during the First Week of School; what shopping at the grocery stores would feel like during the First Week of School; what the school bus drivers were thinking during the First Week of School, ad infinitum. The traffic reporter even listed all the school districts about the Metroplex enforcing the no-cell phone ordinance —which is all of them from what I heard.

(I did not even hear about the La Calle Doce fire until I got to work because my favorite newscasters were too engulfed in in-depth school coverage.)

So yeah, we get it. Personally, I like this time of year. (I think I’m not alone, hence the intense reporting.) I enjoy the summer but I like the structure of the fall — the school year, football season, sports, full days that keep me on my toes and end in exhaustion. Call me crazy, but I find it invigorating.  

Share your First Week of School experiences and thoughts (See, I’m on the back-to-school bandwagon too, despite my laments.)

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