The final speaker was Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban, whose Blog Maverick is pretty famous among blog types. He was surprisingly charming and witty, though he did land more than a few digs at Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper.

The thing that struck me was that Cuban, for all his high-tech enthusiasm, sounded like one of the guys who taught me how to be a newspaperman in the late 1970s. A good blog, he said, was all about content. This wasn’t a revelation to Wamre or I, but I do wonder about the rest of the 300 or so people in the room.

We picked up more than a few nifty ideas for Back Talk that we’ll be adding through the end of the year. Our overall impression? This was not a show with a bunch of cyber ether nerds and geeks. Many, if not most of the people there, were adults who wanted to find out how they could adapt this concept and this technology for their businesses.

Though, if I hear one more person say monetize, I will start acting like a really cranky ex-newspaperman.

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