Has anyone seen or heard from Councilwoman Angela Hunt lately? I know she’s supposed to be speaking at the Greater White Rock Early Childhood PTA meeting tonight, but we haven’t heard anything from her in quite some time. Her blog, which she used to update a few times each month, hasn’t seen a post since mid-November. And though she was a proud supporter of the bond (her last blog post exclaims "Dallas Bond Passes!"), she turned down our offer to write a counterpoint pro-bond column in November’s magazine (her administrative assistant chalked it up to time constraints). Instead, Hunt’s predecessor, Veletta Forsythe Lill, wrote the column for us. Even more surprising, neither Hunt nor any of her office staff has returned multiple e-mails and calls we’ve made sent since mid-December concerning our February cover story. I’m not at all trying to play the we’re-the-media-and-deserve-a-response card; it’s just unusual given Hunt’s history of eager responses and often even taking the initiative to let us know her thoughts. We’re a little baffled here around the Advocate offices, and can’t help but wonder — has another one bit the dust?

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