A Dallas breakfast institution, the Mecca, is moving into the old Tipperary Inn — right across the street from another Dallas breakfast institution, Gold Rush. How will they fare in such close proximity? Just fine, says Jeff Siegel in our latest podcast. It’s similar to the Matt’s vs. Mi Cocina situation, he says. And what’s most interesting, Siegel thinks, is that businesses are actively seeking out our neighborhood. (Don’t miss his and Rick Wamre’s recollections of the crime-ridden payphone corner around Skillman and La Vista in the ’80s and ’90s. What a difference a few decades make.)

Our opening podcast topic is none other than Lincoln Property Co,’s plans for the Gaston-Garland-East Grand corridor, which is a mouthful, so we have dubbed it the “triangle.” The last time we recorded the podcast, before we knew about the preliminary plans, Siegel and Wamre were singing Lincoln’s praises. This time around, it was a different conversation. If you haven’t yet read Siegel’s August column, “Drive-thru, grocery store, snore,” make sure you do. He is always at his best when taking umbrage, which happens, well, pretty much every month.

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