Starbucks, grocery in the works for Gaston/Garland redevelopment

Lincoln Property Co., which has plans to redevelop two corners of the intersection at Gaston and Garland, met with Lakewood Hills neighbors Tuesday.

The meeting brought the real estate company’s vision for the properties to light:

*Lincoln is negotiating a lease with Starbucks for a building the developer is planning at the intersection’s southwest corner, next to the two-story retail center that houses Subway. This Starbucks store would have a drive-through window.

*Lincoln would like to have a grocery tenant for the YMCA building: “We think this area can support” another grocery store, says Lincoln’s Robert Dozier.

*Lincoln brought Central Market to Dallas and has provided the San Antonio-based grocer with all of its Dallas-area locations.

*Far West nightclub’s lease is up in May 2013.

*Lincoln has approached the family that owns the pawn shop on Garland, adjacent to Far West. The company would like to buy that property as well, when the family is ready to sell.

*The real estate company intends to ask the city to rename Garland Road to Arboretum Boulevard. It’s uncertain whether any part of East Grand would be renamed and how far north Arboretum Boulevard would go before it turned into Garland Road.

*A working name for the planned development on the YMCA/Far West property is Arboretum Village, and it would be purely retail, so no office or residential components are planned.

*The developer and the city would like to create a connection from the rear of the YMCA/Far West property to the Santa Fe Trail and White Rock Lake.

*Lincoln eventually would push for city bond money to make improvements to the awkward Gaston/Garland intersection.

“We’re kind of long on Lakewood,” Dozier says.

After the company bought the Lakewood shopping center at Gaston and Abrams, where Ace Hardware is, potential tenants came calling in a hurry, he says. So that’s why the company bought more Lakewood properties. The company plans to move certain Lakewood tenants to the Gaston/Garland development, such as the UPS Store, to make way for a potential tenant, the burrito shop Freebirds, Dozier says.

The YMCA is moving, by the end of the year, to the two-story building on the southwest corner, and will take up the entire second floor. Once the Y moves to its planned facility on the site of the former Trinity Lutheran Church, as early as mid-2014, Lincoln plans to renovate the two-story retail center for new tenants.

The company hasn’t decided whether to demolish the YMCA/Far West building or renovate. That likely will depend on the tenant, and Dozier says the company does not have a deal in the works with any potential tenant yet.

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  • ChangeIsGood

    They could call it Sesame Street and I wouldn’t care. This is all great news, if you don’t like any part of this, come over on a weekend night when Far West is in full swing and witness the mayhem, beer bottles, screeching tires, and gun fire that we have had to live with. ALL of this plan is a VAST and NEEDED improvement to what we have. When the Arboretum is finished with the new the children’s garden it will literally be a world-renown jewel on our side of Dallas. We are lucky to have it. Thank you Lincoln Properties! There is a glimmer of a silver lining after all!!

  • Not made o’money

    I say we rename Garland Road the Garland Expressway and build an elevated freeway above it from Fair Park to Wylie. Our traffic is ridiculous out here because you guys like moving around at 20mph down there.

  • Not made o’money

    lol, nice work-around to avoid the Greenville Avenue conundrum.

  • Not made o’money

    Christ no, no more trolley lines. Do you have any idea what it’s like to drive a car.

  • Catfucious

    Why Arboretum? Why not White Rock Village. Why does everything have to center around the Arboretum? The two have nothing to do with each other .And are they going to make this a walk-able village (like in Uptown) with walkways around the areas, little streets connecting everything with the ability to walk across the streets too? Will there be lots of greenery and outdoor patios? Or make a grocery store and big parking lot and ruin the area forever. This property has the potential to be really cool and have a great lake feel so long as they don’t block up traffic and make it walk-able and bike friendly. That is what the area needs. 

    BTW, they could have made Arboretum parking somewhere else and run a trolley line of Garland road to it. This would suit parking for both areas, the Village and the Arboretum. 

  • Jerome Haltom

    The property value alterations of this change don’t bode well for anything in that center long term. The Goat won’t stand a chance. Cigarz could figure something out, probably.

  • Mark R

    If they will clean up that blight of an intersection they can name the street Lincoln Property Blvd for all I care. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, neighbors. 

  • Colin Carson Clarke

    Yay H.E.B. that was one of my favorite stores when I lived in Austin. It’s an affordable Central Market.

  • Rachel Stone

     It is my understanding that Lincoln’s buy included the YMCA/Far West building, the two-story building on the opposite side, and the lot on the corner, where the Starbucks is planned. As far as I know, they do not own the building where Cigarz is or the old gas station.

  • Love East Dallas

    They did not talka about that during the meeting

  • Boo_lew

    Does anyone know if the building with Cigarz Pizza is included in this?  I’ve seen some activity in the vacant convenience store in the past month.

  • Michael Mosteller

    I’m fine with the drive-thru Starbucks but I want Shotgun Sam’s back. What’s the news on the former site of my beloved childhood pizza joint/arcade? Rumor was it was going to be a Katy Trail Ice House type place. That would do more for the area than a bunch of empty retail spaces. The area is no longer a draw for people who don’t live right next to it. Grocery store, good. That brings people there. Bier-garden, good. That also brings people there. I’m not so sure the retail is just going to come spilling into the area because Lincoln wants it. 

  • Tomatodallas

    At one time there was a Winn-Dixie grocery store that had the best meats in town and also a Cook’s Discount store in those buildings. Another grocery store of any kind would be nice and maybe a reasonably priced ice cream parlor? good fried chicken cafe like maybe Bubba’s? a drug store like Harrell’s used to be with a good food counter? a Dollar General store? a BBQ as good as what used to be on the opposite corner? a small farmer market type produce stand? And they can name it whatever the heck Village the owner wants to. And get rid of the “Tapioca Motel” and the ongoing prosti & drug traffic.

  • Kennadee

    Central Market is on Lover’s at Greenville, so why would they have changed Mockingbird?

  • Rational Man

    Lincoln’s involvement at this intersection is the best thing to happen in East Dallas in at least 30 years.  You complainers need to shut the f up.  If the price of getting rid of Far West, an ugly pawn shop and empty strip centers is a drive-through Starbucks, then bring on the drive through.  Hell, bring on a dozen of them.  And the Arboretum is awesome!  One of Dallas’ treasures. 
    p.s.  Rode my bike past the ball field at Winfrey Point last week.  Those fields of wildflowers (unmowed grass and weeds) look so beautiful. 

  • Michael, we’ve heard the HEB rumor, too, and we’re trying to confirm it. No word yet from HEB or Lincoln, though.

  • Lee Gibson

    For an example of what Letthemwin means, try turning northbound on the Central Expressway access road at Lovers Lane around lunch time when the Chik-Fil-A drive thru is lined up.

  • Soniaplatz

    All great news!! I cannot wait for all these WONDERFUL improvements so desperately needed at that god aweful intersection and slum-looking surrounding area. Hurray and full speed ahead please.

  • Letthemwin

    Two things pop out in this article. A Starbucks with a drive through that will certainly spill onto Gaston. No no no, have you seen the others set up like this, I drive by one everyday and it is a nuisance and hazard dodging cars that are slowing down or making abrupt stops to get into the full parking lot or drive through line. Then the name change, just let it be for goodness sake. Why would a company want to associate themselves with an entity that gets so much bad press? I agree with a previous comment, too many “White Rock” named streets already. Did they change Mockingbird for Central Market?…NO!!!   

  • Kelly Cotten

    One man’s alliterative impulse is another’s man’s rhyming urge.  I think I’ll reserve my vote for My-Way-Or-The Highway. It’s so much more descriptive of Mary Brinegar and her cronies within the City government.  I think we all know where they’re trying to place the nexus of the universe.  But I’ll admit to being intrigued by the full-throttle purge of non-county-seat street names.  That’s the kind of crusade that tickles the latent McCarthy-ite in me.

  • Socialworkerdallas1976

    That is …the Arboretum has nothing to do with this article nor are they evolved.  AS much as I love East Dallas, there are a ton of negative people out there.           Change….whine…change…whine…Arboretum….whine… get over and deal with real issues that matter. ……..Good night, and good luck.

  • Socialworkerdallas1976

    Love the comments about the Arboretum, especially when they are even involved with this. I am proud of the Arboretum and very happy the Lincoln is stepping up and helping us out with this dead land! 

  • Socialworkerdallas1976

    uumm, the Arboretum is not requesting this. They would only benefit. 

  • bad idea

    I’m pretty sure the businesses along Garland would be very much against changing the name, as it would mean a great deal of cost to them in stationery, signeage, website updates, etc. Arboretum Avenue is a terrible name, too. I’d go with White Rock Avenue instead, but only from Lakeland on down to Gaston. 

  • Lee Gibson

    Is there anything in this part of the city the wretched arboretum doesn’t want to colonize?

  • Tomatodallas

    Now if only the “Tapicoa Motel” could relocate like maybe to the moon.

  • Michael Mosteller

    I have seen a rumor that the YMCA would become an H.E.B., the first in Dallas. That would be welcomed change. 

    As far as the changing the name of Garland Road to Arboretum Boulevard, uh no, horrible idea. Arboretum Village? So you are going to name your shopping center after something that really isn’t quick walking distance to your shopping center? I mean I get if the shopping center was parked right next to the Arboretum. How about naming it oh, I don’t know, after a certain Lake that you run right up next to?

  • HollywoodHeighter

    Not crazy about the Starbucks at the corner, but it beats the hell out of the urban blight currently there.  I remember when it used to be “Bob White’s Bar-B-Que” years ago, they tore it down in the 80’s with the promise of new development at that corner, looks like it took a while for it to finally get here.

  • Anonymous

    I think all roads named after non-county seat cities should be changed.

    I like Arboretum Ave., it’s more alliterative. It would make for better and more informative exit signs off LBJ and I-30.

    Also: Plano should be Lake Highlands Dr the whole length.

    There is already a White Rock Trail and a White Rock Drive. And people conflate them enough as is. The intersection of White Rock Blvd and White Rock Dr would be the nexus of the universe.

  • Kelly Cotten

    Arboretum Boulevard is a very, very bad idea.  It is insulting.  The Arboretum has not been a good neighbor to East Dallas.  Let’s maintain a sense of proportion as to what’s most important in this part of Dallas: White Rock Boulevard would be so much more appropriate.  Although given the way things work in this city, the name is more likely to be My-Way-Or-The Highway.

  • Bubba

    I say we rename Garland Road to Mary Brinegar Blvd.

  • ceemac

    Got the type of street wrong…. blvd. not drive.  Still a bad idea. 

    Why not use White Rock in the name

  • Crmlpc

    Arboretum Drive……. Bad Idea…

  • don’t like the drive through starbucks, but otherwise sounds promising