The voices of publisher Rick Wamre and contributing editor Jeff Siegel are mainstays in the Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate magazine and on our website. But what readers don’t get to experience is what we around the Advocate offices get to enjoy — the two of them bantering about everything from City Hall to predictions on retail development to what East Dallas was like 20 years ago.

So we’ve decided to let readers in on the conversation in a podcast version. We haven’t named it yet, and don’t know how often we’ll be recording, but the idea is an off-the-cuff conversation between these two longtime neighborhood residents, who also pretty much fit the stereotype of newspaper curmudgeons. I’ll be moderating it because, well, someone needs to.

In this inaugural podcast, we talk about roofing experiences after the recent hail storm, and also speculate about Lincoln Property Co.’s purchase of land around Gaston and Garland-East Grand — including potential grocery stores, the likelihood of a West Village-style development near White Rock, and whether Lincoln has the chops to make a ton of money while staying true to neighborhood development.

Listen to this podcast, and any future episodes, by subscribing on iTunes, or listen to the podcast below. We welcome your feedback — please comment on this post or send an email to Keri Mitchell.

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