Katherine Seale was announced today as the new Executive Director of Preservation Dallas, ending 9 months of uncertainty since former Director Dwayne Jones returned to the warm waters of the Galveston Historical Foundation to assume their director position. This was not a surprise to folks close to the situation who have watched as Katherine ably led the organization as Interim Executive Director since Dwayne’s departure. We have all known her to be one of the good people who has done much of the heavy lifting on Swiss Avenue for a long time. She could always be counted on for great attitude and I never had any trouble at all getting her on the phone, which is more than she can say about me.

I am personally kinda giddy about this news because, were it not for the sound of applause associated with this announcement, we could have all heard the sound of that bullet whizzing by our ears, figuratively speaking, of course.

This  almost didn’t happen, as noted in the announcement by the Observer. A very close call, indeed. The Observer notes, almost quizzically, that the previously announced hiring of a a new executive director "…just didn’t work out." In hind sight, however, it is easy to believe that the arrival of the very, very highly regarded Mr. Fine would have been anything but. More like the Mother of Bad Matches.  But, by all accounts, Mr. Fine is happy as can be at the Trusts’ Northeast Office and we all get to work with Katherine. See, good stuff happens.

Congratulations, Katherine.

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