The city released an emergency alert this evening after a neighbor in the 75214 zip code became Dallas’ second confirmed human case of West Nile Virus this year.

The mosquito-borne illness causes fever, rash and headaches in its mild form, or coma and paralysis in 1 percent of severe cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. The city’s first case was in Far North Dallas.

As per usual each summer, city staff spray a chemical treatment in areas with high densities of mosquitoes, or places where West Nile has been discovered in wildlife or humans. While approved by the FDA, the city recommends those in treatment areas keep their windows closed and stay indoors to limit exposure (get spray alerts here). Those with breathing problems or chemical concerns can call 311 to be added to the “no spray” list. Last year, Dallas also implemented a beekeeper notification list, so those with active colonies can protect their hive from the spray.

“Beekeepers can call 311 to get on the notification list or submit a request online, providing a phone number or email contact. Notifications will be made by email 4 to 7 hours before ground spraying and by email or phone 12 to 24 hours before aerial spraying. The notification will include the date and approximate time of spraying,” the city reports.

To protect yourself from West Nile virus, the city recommends you dump any standing water on your property (think empty planters etc.) that can become a mosquito breeding ground, avoid being out at dusk and dawn when the pests are most active, dress in layers to avoid bites and use insect repellent.

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