Who needs a Ring doorbell when a true watchdog, Zipper, is around to protect the neighborhood? About a year ago, the 10-year-old mutt started barking at 2 a.m. When owner Margaret Bowie Hirschman got up to investigate, she saw a man breaking into her car. She called the police, and they caught the burglar — who had looted several cars in the neighborhood — within 30 minutes. “Zipper was famous for protecting our neighborhood,” Hirschman says. “All the neighbors were bringing her stuff and congratulating her. She was real proud of herself.” When Zipper isn’t on guard duty, she likes to play with Hirschman’s granddaughter and wait for the snacks to drop. The 9-year-old girl loved the children’s show “Kipper,” but she couldn’t pronounce the K. When Hirschman adopted the dog from East Lake Pet Orphanage, her granddaughter named the pet Zipper instead. The name fit. “She zips around all the time,” Hirschman says.

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