Here is some trivia to test your Wildcat knowledge. See how many you can get and send your answers to the Advocate at 6510 Abrams Rd., Suite 220, Dallas 75231 or fax to 341-0204. Your answers will be put in a drawing for a 100 percent cotton Advocate T-shirt.

The correct answers will be in next month’s column.

  1. What was the Principal Emeritus Wayne C. Pierce’s middle name?
  2. Who was Principal Pop Ashburn’s distaff lieutenant?
  3. What was the name of Woodrow’s first girls drill team?
  4. What was Woodrow’s second girls drill team’s first name? Who was the sponsor?
  5. Who sponsored the J.L. Long Treasurettes, and then moved to her alma mater to sponsor the Sweethearts? (Please give name and class.)
  6. Name of Woodrow’s early 1970’s Pep Squad.
  7. Name the only two sponsors of the Pan American Students Forum since 1928.
  8. Who has a member of the 1940 Pan American Students Forum who went on to host a children’s TV show?
  9. Name the Woodrow band’s first female drum major.
  10. Who was the triumvirate of Woodrow band’s 1970s award winning twirlers?
  11. Who was Woodrow’s first minority drum major?
  12. Give the year and location that lightning struck Woodrow and caused minor damage.
  13. What was the weather at Woodrow’s first open house in 1928?
  14. What year was Glasgow Drive paved?
  15. What was the weather at Woodrow’s 50th anniversary?
  16. TEE-PEE hill at White Rock is known by the shibboleth _____________
  17. The East Dallas YMCA is the former home of Woodrow parent _____________
  18. What was the 1960s Drive Inn hangout (now defunct)?
  19. What was the 1930s hangout next to the soon destroyed Sears Roebuck?
  20. What was the 1940s and 1950s dance hall near LeBare on Greenville?
  21. Who painted “WW ‘70” at top of waterworks smokestack at the Lake?
  22. Who sponsored the first Broadway musical at Woodrow?
  23. Name the only two sponsors of Woodrow’s senior publication.
  24. What was the traditional pre-prom restaurant (no longer there) on top of the Southland Life Building?
  25. Who was the first female student council president?
  26. Who was the first black senior favorite?
  27. Who was the first Hispanic cheerleader?
  28. Who was the first black cheerleader?
  29. Who was the first Hispanic class president?
  30. Stanley Marcus, a Lakewood resident for 50 years, did not graduate from Woodrow. However, he gave the graduation speech in _______, and his _______ graduated in ________
  31. The Variations Show Choir debuted in __________
  32. What is the 1970s acronym for rival Skyline High?
  33. Name of hamburger joint (destroyed first by the Lakewood Rats and then by the wrecking ball) that was directly behind the Lakewood Theater?
  34. Name the Lakewood Rats you personally know.
  35. Who are D.H. and J.H. in 1970s graffiti on the rail road bridge on Abrams at Trammel?
  36. Name the two Wicked Witches from 1968’s Wizard of Oz.
  37. Which street in Lakewood has the highest percentage of alumnus – Lakewood Boulevard, Avalon or Westlake?

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