Danny Fulgencio

Danny Fulgencio

After a debacle over copyright issues with the University of Arizona, Woodrow Wilson High School is retiring the old Woodrow Wildcat logo.

So Woodrow needs a new, dynamic and fierce image to brand the Wildcat community, teams and organizations, says the Woodrow PTA and SBDM board.

The SBDM and PTA board members are hosting a design competition, which will go through Jan. 15, and they’re asking everyone in the community to participate — students, parents, alumni, and community members including professionals. There are no limits on the number of entries, they say.

Woodrow Wilson used the old logo for decades, until recently. Last year, Principal Kyle Richardson received a cease and desist letter from an attorney acting on behalf of the University of Arizona. The letter noted that the Woodrow Wilson logo is almost identical to the University of Arizona’s logo, to which the university has copyrights. Though the letter threatened legal action, there was never any litigation, says Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander.

Instead, Woodrow has agreed to “phase out” the logo, although in actuality, the logo hasn’t been used much in the last few years; mostly, there are some old spirit shirts and paraphernalia that boast the mark.

However, in the front hallway of Woodrow Wilson High School is a 4-by-4 tile mosaic of the Woodrow Wildcat logo, which was created when the school was built in 1991. It was feared that the school would be forced to rip up the tile mosaic as well, but it looks as though it will be allowed to keep the floors intact.

As for the new logo, there’s a $200 cash award to the winner, as well as gift card drawings for all student entries. Plus, the winner receives the “priceless honor” of creating the design to be used by Woodrow Wilson for decades to come, Woodrow says.

The deadline is Jan. 15, the winner will be chosen Feb. 1, and the winning design will be unveiled at Woodrow’s 85th anniversary event.

For more information or to submit a design, email Susan Schuerger at schuerger7@me.com, or call her at 214.226.7866. Submissions can be in pdf, hard copy or other formats.

Remember, think fierce.

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