Woodrow Wilson High School senior Erin Armstrong scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), used by colleges for admission. She was one of two students in the district to do so.

Another Armstrong, Tony, also scored a perfect 800 on his math section a couple of years ago before heading to the University of Texas. He isn’t related to Erin, but he is a part of the Woodrow family.

National Merit Commended Scholars this year are John Hammond (yes, the son of our former State Rep. Bill Hammond), Ryan Huber and Max Voltmann. Robert D. Hall, also a National Merit Schoalr, was recognized for having scored perfectly on all Advanced Placement Examinations.

Back at Home

Danielle Drury Petter, an ’85 graduate and ESOL/Cheerleader sponsor who was recently featured in a Dallas Morning News article about former students who have returned to their alma maters to teach, has taken maternity leave. She is being replaced by former PTA president and East Dallas YMCA volunteer Marilyn Hansen.

I loved Danielle’s quote in the Dallas Morning News article where she said she never travels north of Mockingbird (except when she attended SMU).

Once I told a North Dallas Realtor that the last time I crossed Northwest Highway was flying over it on my way to Chicago.

This is not the only time Danielle has been featured in the local media. She is a former model and was a subject of a Morning News week-long series on Woodrow called “High School in the ‘80s,” which was published 10 years ago.

World Language Olympiad

Last month, Woodrow hosted the first all-day middle school World Language Olympiad. The event was created to promote seventh and eighth grade students’ language skills. The sponsor was Ben Ortiz. More than a dozen languages are currently spoken by Woodrow students. Some students are very new to our country.

It is not sophistry to argue that even though some Woodrow students are not in advanced placement, honors or high academic programs and some may not pass TAAS, the majority of them are at least bilingual!

Long Needs Funds

Speaking of middle schools, the Friends of J.L. Long are raising money to supplement the academic and extracurricular activities at Woodrow’s fond feeder.

The effort is headed by powerhouses Rob Richmond, president; Dr. Jim Montgomery, vice president; Charles Morris, treasurer; and Duncan Clore, secretary. I’m confident they will succeed.

They are examples of those who have many choices regarding their children’s education, but prefer public schools – the true neighborhood spirit!

Send your donations to: Treasurer, Friends of J.L. Long, 6727 Velasco, Dallas 75214.

The Call of Love

If you have any Woodrow romances you’d like to see in my February column, please send them by January 10 to the address below. Thanks.

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