As health care workers across the country plead for more protective equipment amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Woodrow Wilson robotics team is facing the face shield shortage with a tech-savvy solution.

The Woodrow Academy of Engineering and the RoboCats are putting together an armada of 3D printers to produce as many as 1,000 already-approved face shields a week to donate to the medical field, teacher Dan Garrison said in a Facebook video.

“If we could, we would raise funds to just buy more of these, but they are not available now, so we are going to create them in homes all over our community and around DFW,” Garrison said. 

To produce the shields, they need community support. Students are asking neighbors to donate $5 or more to the Woodrow robotics nonprofit to pay for the first two weeks of production. The money may be tax deductible and will go toward purchasing supplies, such as filament, acetate and elastic bands.

The supplies will be given to students, coaches and mentors, along with a 3D printer that Garrison is rescuing from the school and delivering to homes.

Make a donation here.