Photo courtesy of Woodrow Wilson High School via Facebook.

A national newscast came to Dallas last weekend.

Adrienne Bankert, the host of NewsNation’s “Morning in America,” spoke with Woodrow community members for a segment on the show.

She interviewed coach Anthony Benedetto about the return to an in-person experience.

“So now that we’re back, and you want them to know that you super, super care about them,” Benedetto said.

He added that after so much physical distance, staff members were so excited to see and speak with students face-to-face.

Benedetto was featured along with couple students, as well as footage of the game, cheerleaders, fans and band.

“The kids fill you up, and the kids make you feel purposeful,” Benedetto said. “And it doesn’t feel like work.”

Watch the video below. The segment on Woodrow starts at the two-minute mark.

Over the weekend, the Wildcats beat Carrollton Newman Smith 43-0 in Woodrow’s homecoming game.

Woodrow has its fair share of notable alumni, including Burton Gilliam and Steve Miller.