Ah, to be able to walk into almost wine or liquor store in Dallas, plunk down $10 (more or less), and get a quality bottle of wine every time.

That’s what you get with the Brancott. Is it the best $10 wine you can find? Nope (which is not a criticism, but a testament to how much good $10 wine is available). But you can find it, and these days that’s saying something. That the Brancott is in almost a dozen major retailers in the area, including two grocery store chains, is a welcome sign given that it was so difficult to find the last twe wines featured here.

So what makes the Brancott worthwhile? It’s a solid New Zealand sauvignon blanc, made in the classic style. That means citrus and grapefruit in front (though not as over the top as some), an OK tropical-ish middle, and a long mineral finish.

Drink this chilled during the summer, pair it with the usual sauvignon blanc suspects (shellfish, most anything with garlic and olive oil), and be glad you didn’t have to drive around town looking for it.

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