For the next couple of days, invited guests and media will be touring the new Lakewood Whole Foods prior to the store’s March 2 opening. Didn’t receive an invite to the sneak previews? Check out our video of the building’s interior, complete with a three-minute guided tour by store manager Carmen Fort after the jump. You’ll see the new barbecue restaurant, the huge wine selection, the coffee shop, the recycled countertops, the Lakewood neighborhood timeline and all kinds of other stuff.

If you can’t make the grand opening on Monday, or if you just want to see how many people you know wandering around the parking lot, don’t forget to check out our 24/7 Whole Foods webcam, too.

And if you missed our look back at how Whole Foods ended up in the old Minyard’s building, along with an analysis of whether remodeling the existing building rather than starting over was the right move, check out our stories in this month’s magazine.

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