Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is not shy in this podcast with the investment Web site, The Motley Fool. You can read a summary on the WineSpiritsDaily trade magazine blog.

Mackey, of course, is famous for speaking his mind. Whole Foods isn’t done in Dallas, either. The company is supposed to open its 80,000-square-foot Park Lane superstore sometime next year. Among the highlights:

• Whole Foods should have waited for competitor Wild Oats to go bankrupt, which would have save a lot of time and aggravation.

• Mackey seems quite jealous of Trader Joe’s, one of Whole Food’s top competitors.

• He doesn’t take a salary "because I have enough money."

• And you remember that dustup about his anonymous comments in a chatroom that apparently violated SEC regulations? "It was a mistake and I learned some valuable lessons…the most important lesson that I’m a public figure and anything I say or do can end up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or New York Times."

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