Halcyon is one of Rachel Lindsay’s favorite spots.

Rachel Lindsay, “The Bachelorette” from Dallas who charmed hearts as the show’s first African-American star, discusses her favorite spots in her East Dallas neighborhood in a video by Texas Monthly.

Lindsay says Halcyon on Lower Greenville is one of her favorites. “Even though it is a coffee shop, it kind of feels like home at the same time,” she says.

Lindsay says she is not a shopper, but Henderson Avenue boutique Esther Penn is her go-to spot for clothing. “It’s like good and dangerous at the same time,” she says in the video. She notes that both Halcyon and Esther Penn are in her neighborhood.

Lindsay loves the vibe at Lounge Here, which she says is still somewhat undiscovered. She tries to drink on the healthy side and looks for the agave choices at the East Dallas eatery.

HG Supply Co is one of Lindsay’s favorite places to go in Dallas. The paleo menu and the view of the Dallas skyline from the rooftop bar made two appearances on “The Bachelorette,” she says.

Lindsay says she might never get used to her fame, which followed her after the show was over. “I love that I am able to have a impact on people and I hope I continue to do it in a positive way,” she says.

Check out the full video here.

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