So last November, the people spoke and spoke loudly with their democratic right to vote. The problem is, too many people voted with their eyes closed. This is what you get when an uninformed electorate votes without comprehension of what/who they are voting for. You see, Margaret Keliher, was by ALL accounts doing a great job at her post of County Judge, even earing the respect of her partisan counterparts. But, because she had an (R) next to her name, she got thrown out of office and allowed Jim Foster to get elected – a man clearly inexperienced to tackle the major job of running the County. I think over the next few years, we will see more of this as more of the inept, unqualified newly elected Dallas officials show their true colors. For those of you that think this is merely whining from a steadfast GOP’er…you are right. I am whining because our city/county has been dumbed down. Leaving our County in a legally vunerable position is dumb….remember Terrell Bolton?

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