Slap the cuffs on me. I’m guilty. I’m gathering signatures for the toll road referendum. I haven’t killed anyone, but I’m sure that’s just a minor inconvenience to the folks at D.

Last week, the intrepid journalists at plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine revealed that a convicted murderer was gathering signatures to get the toll road referendum on the November ballot. He was immediately fired (which they also mentioned, because they are, after all, intrepid journalists.)

This is not a good thing, and he should have been fired. For what it’s worth, it’s standard practice for campaigns of all kinds to hire people this way, in much the same way people get yard services to cut their lawns. Which raises this question: Why didn’t D find out about this guy when he was working for the anti-referendum people as a poll blocker? Why didn’t D check and see if any campaign workers for Tom Leppert had criminal records? Hmmm. Let’s see. It’s not because D publisher Wick Allison supports the anti-referendum side and supported Leppert, is it? Perish the thought.

Petitions due this week. Turned mine in yesterday. Hit every drinking establishment I frequent, so I did pretty well.

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