There are five men (and zero women) running to replace Sheffie Kadane on the Dallas City Council. If you’ve attended any of the recent forums — well, you probably haven’t, because not many people do, and only a few more of us actually vote.

We realize that local politics can cause tired head, and that you are busy folks, so we tried to make meeting your city council candidates simple, easy and, depending on your mood, relatively amusing. Our singular goal is to inform readers about the election and encourage you to make an informed vote. After all, this is an important election.

We interviewed all five city council candidates, two times each — one brief policy-related Q&A and one “lightning round” interview. Over the next couple of weeks we will share each video. We will post them in order of how the candidates are listed on the election ballot. If you can’t wait, you can watch them all here.

First up is Christopher Jackson, a man of few, decisive words who gives us some insight on how daily water breaks found their way into recent City Council discussions.

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