We are still gossiping today about the cop who got drunk at Lee Harvey’s and fired a gun in Lakewood. So we were pleased to find that Unfair Park posted the police dash cam videos.

It’s a sensational story of outrageous stupidity. A South Carolina TV station has already picked up the story, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it becomes a national, and even international, news bit about the amusingly idiotic gun-toting Texans.

It’s easy to make fun of Officer Kelly Beemer and the DPD — I’ve been doing it all day — but the incident draws attention to a serious problem.

American women are becoming a bunch of drunks, according to statistics on drunken driving arrests. The number of women arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has been increasing since the 90s, while the same statistics for men are dropping.

Some college-age women even consider it “feminist” to drink as much as, or more than, dudes. This American Life did a terrific story last year about drinking on the Penn State University campus, and among other things, it addresses the increasing numbers of drunken college women.

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