A friend walking on the Santa Fe Trail near Mata Elementary Tuesday morning came upon a couple of unwelcome trail enthusiasts: a mother bobcat and its cub, which he described as about the size of a small pit bull. The guy, Steve Lazewski, says as he walked the trail about 8:45 a.m., he saw the mother bobcat amble casually across the trail about 15 feet in front of him. Lazewski sensibly froze, following the advice of numerous animal reality shows, waiting to see what would happen next. And what happened was a cub emerged from the underbrush next to the trail on the other side of the mother. Lazewski says he continued to stand still and wait as all involved stared at each other. After what he described as the longest 30 seconds of his life, the cub hopped across the trail and joined its mother in running away toward the nearby apartments. Lazewski says he went walking today, but not surprisingly decided to go a different route on the trail.

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